MI and ISI representative in Panama leak case JIT


Panamagate is a scandal of acquiring secret offshore companies of billionaires who kept their offshore properties  undeclared. Due to leaked documents from Mossack Fonceka a Panama based law firm specializing in offshore services.

The Supreme Court has asked the JIT to investigate the money trail issued by the Prime Minister. The team would include officials from the NAB, FIA, ISI, MI and the State Bank of Pakistan.By including representatives from MI and ISI this case will be concluded more transparently as the army have its own system of transparency and discipline and they are trained practicing these rules for their whole life in army to keep personal things and family away from your professional life they give more importance to their professional life because they spent most of their time as professional life. Pakistan army never hurts nation. MI and ISI representative in Panama leak case JIT will do their job professionally and will conclude it to the best favor of the nation.

It is a positive sign of including MI and ISI representative to investigate such a big case in the history of Pakistan it will give other institution inquiring Panama leaks case investigation a confidence to give a pressure less and correct report of investigation because the fair verdict of this case is not a sign of loss or win for any particular party or group but it will be an ethical win of Pakistani nation.


COAS visit to UK highlighted Pakistan’s contributions in war against terrorism

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa arrived at UK for three days official visit on 2 April and met UK political and military leadership to discuss regional situation with common interests. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa stayed for five days in UK and also met the members of Pakistani community at a dinner and hears their thoughts and views.

COAS Discuss Pakistan army efforts and achievements against terrorism and projected its results through the whole of nation approach COAS tell UK officials about current environment in Pakistan. Pakistan achieved many milestones against terrorism in last three years and whole world appreciated Pakistan army efforts in eliminating terrorism from Pakistan and on minimizing terrorist’s influence in the region.  Now when Pakistan almost eliminated terrorism from the region, world is looking towards Pakistan to resolve the major issue of ISIS from the world by contributing through their experience of eliminating terrorism from Pakistan. This is the reason that defense ties of Pakistan with outer world is getting  stronger and stronger from last three years, Pakistan is contributing to bring peace and prosperity in the world by sharing their experience of eliminating terrorism and strengthening defense ties with other countries on common interests of war against terrorism. Pakistan did more in war against terrorism, Pakistani nation fought against terrorism and sacrificed 70000 lives to bring peace in the country.

No one can deny or put doubt on efforts made by Pakistan for eliminating terrorism in war against terrorism. COAS visit to UK highlighted Pakistan’s most active role in war against terrorism. This visit was need of time to convey world that Pakistan is stood firmly against terrorism and we are fully capable of eliminating any type of terrorism.

Pakistan Day reminds us Two Nation Theory


Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan and this day is celebrated in the remembrance of Lahore Resolution every year on March 23rd. This day reminds us the significance of freedom and unity.  Main event on this day is military parade, Pakistan army represent their defense capabilities in front of the nation is called 23rd march parade. Like independence day on Pakistan day, every Pakistani becomes united under one flag of Pakistan.

Pakistan was created on the bases of Two Nation Theory. There are two nations in the subcontinent one is Muslim and other is Hindu and both are completely different in every aspect, Hindu warship cow but Muslim slaughter the cow. All Muslim majority regions were collectively named as Pakistan, but India forcibly occupied some Muslim majority areas at the time of separation like Kashmir and Hyderabad, today Muslims of India and Kashmir facing same problems from the Hindu extremist groups in India. India always wants to damage the image of Pakistan in front of the world. Indian intelligence agency RAW is actively involved in spreading terrorism in Pakistan and funding terrorists from last 15 years, but now the Pakistan army succeeded to eliminate these Indian proxies from Pakistan through Zarbeazb military offensive another operation was launched against Fasaadis to eliminate terrorist’s remnants and to expose their anti Islam Ideology, this operation was named as operation Radd-UL-Fasaad. Every Pakistani is a soldier of this operation because every Pakistani can put positive efforts to make this operation most successful through intelligence sharing on these Fasaadis and terrorists with law enforcement agencies.

Two Nation theory reminds us that We as a Nation have two relations with each other, first we are Pakistani and second we are Muslims, we should not forget our base and should remain united to defend Pakistan not only Pakistan army but we all are responsible to make Pakistan safe and strong to empower our national strength.  After 69 years of independence, we celebrate independence day and Pakistan day with the same spirit in fact, we are now stronger as a nation with one of the best army on our borders defending Pakistan day and night.


Pakistan day parade restored our national dignity


Pakistan Day is a national day of Pakistan celebrated on 23rd March. Pakistan come into existence on the basis of two nation theory, A day of high importance for Pakistani nation as the first Ideological foundation stone of Pakistan was placed on 23rd March 1940 known as Lahore Resolution. Some of the anti Pakistan elements opposing this ideology from the day one after Pakistan comes into existence in 1947, They want to sabotage this day celebration, but the Pakistan Army after many sacrifices in the leadership of Gen Raheel Sharif resume Pakistan day parade again after 7 years on 23rd March 2015.

Enemies of Pakistan were trying to Isolate Pakistan by sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, but they failed badly as on this 23rd March not only Pakistan army troops will participate in Pakistan day parade, but Chinese Army Troops and Turkish Military Bands will also participate in the Parade, which is the best reply to the prime minister of India Narindra Modi. Who clearly admitted that they are sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and will continue sponsoring if Pakistan didn’t stop to help Kashmiris by Pakistan, he also threatened to isolate Pakistan in the world, but all his claims proved false, all his efforts to isolate Pakistan go in vain. After PSL Final in Lahore this is the second event in the same month proved that Pakistani nation is united and terrorism is defeated by Nation, Pakistan is a safe place for international players, tourists and officials and is most suitable country for investment.

Pakistan army combined parade with the world’s most influential armies will project a positive image of Pakistan in the world and will give a message to the enemies of Pakistan that no one can isolate Pakistan in the world because we are the most resilient nation and Pakistan is the fastest growing economy in the world, regional peace and prosperity is dependent on Pakistan. 23rd March parade restored our national dignity and now we are more united and stronger than we were before.


No NAP without military courts

Military courts


Military courts were established in January 2015 through constitutional amendment for the period of 2 years after starting Zarb-e-azb operation, to convict captured hardcore terrorists involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, where normal courts were not able to convict terrorists because terrorists were threatening and using other tactics to influence normal courts.

Military courts are necessary in Pakistan to convict every captured terrorist because normal courts can’t do this. We have seen an abrupt decrease in terrorist activities in Pakistan after the establishment of military courts in January 2015. We have seen peace and prosperity as fruits of establishing military courts in Pakistan. We can’t imagine the implementation of National action plan without the functionality of military courts, infect no cause remains behind for implementation of other points by skipping functionality of Military courts. PPP leadership didn’t oppose the establishment of military courts directly, but indirectly they want to put so many restrictions through the 9 recommendations by PPP on military courts, These 9 recommendations are to put more nonmilitary influence on military courts. These recommendations will make military courts non effective and the real cause to establish military courts will be banished. We need unity at this crucial time when we as a nation have defeated major part of terrorism from the country. All political parties should get unite to implement every point of the national action plan which include functionality of military courts to subject hardcore terrorists to justice, These courts have the power to refrain extremists from facilitating terrorists and compel terrorists to think 100 times before involving in any terrorist activity in Pakistan.

Pakistan defeated major part of terrorism, but not completely because some parts of NAP are still not functional, Military is doing its part by securing Pak-Afghan border and by conducting military operations like Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-UL-Fasaad but some of the parts which concerns government is not functional, Government of Pakistan need to take timely actions against captured terrorists without any delay by extending military courts tenure till complete peace and by giving more operational powers to military in every part of the country to get rid of terrorism.

Operation Radd UL Fasaad


The recent Wave of Terrorist Attacks in different parts of Pakistan is a reaction by the enemies of Pakistan to destroy peace in Pakistan to achieve particular targets their first target is making the fearful environment in Punjab for cricket players to stop them from playing PSL final in Lahore the other target is to stop investors to invest inside Pakistan and on CPEC project which will bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and will make Pakistan the most important country of the region. Many evidences of Indian involvement using Afghanistan soil found in these terrorist attacks.

Following the foot prints of these attackers, Pakistan army targeted terrorist’s safe heavens 43km inside Afghanistan premises, Pakistan army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has taken necessary steps To nutralise affacts of reacent wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan and to stop terrorist activities inside Pakistan which includes Pak-Afghan border managment to stop terrorists movement from Afghanistan towards Pakistan and Launched an operation Radd UL Fasaad to hunt the remnants of terrorists and their facilitators all over Pakistan. Like other military operations, started by Pakistan army Radd UL Fasaad is launched to eliminate all those factors which facilitate terrorists inside Pakistan, This operation is unique from other military operations launched in Pakistan because not only terrorists will be targeted in this operation, but their facilitators and financiers will also be targeted and It is the first military operation which will cover the Punjab province too.

Radd UL Fassad is nationwide operation and for the first time Punjab rangers will take part in this operation by conducting combing operations in Punjab. The Intelligence agencies will also do their part in this operation by identifying the terrorist facilitators and existence of RAW agents inside Punjab. It is believed that Punjab is a source of facilitators and financiers for terrorists and This operation will lead the ongoing operations in Karachi, North Waziristan and Balochistan to their logical ends. These terrorists using the name of Islam and targeting innocent people, they already kill 70000 Pakistanis in the name of jihad and Islam, which is opposite to the concept of Jihad in Islam .. they do Fassad on the name of Jihad and follow the intrests of india and other enimies of Pakistan and Islam, their terrorists activities results in defamming Islam and Pakistan. These terrorists are fighting Proxy war imposed by India on Pakistan to stop CPEC project in Pakistan, which is already admitted by capture RAW agent Kalbhushan Yadev.

Every Pakistani is a soldier of Radd UL Fasaad operation and every person should do their part of identifying suspected elements and by informing security forces. The Nation should become united to make Pakistan peaceful and prosperous.

Border management and Punjab operation


Pakistan army after APS attack on 16 December 2016 eliminated terrorism almost completely from FATA but 2640 km borderline area of Durand line is open from where terrorist come into Pakistan and do terrorism activities in Pakistan which is a serious problem for Pakistan as Pakistan eliminated terrorism completely but Afghanistan Government do not eliminated terrorism from their soil which is directly affecting Pakistan.

The latest Wave of Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan taken hundreds of lives and is an attempt to destabilize Pakistan and to detract fastest growing economy of Pakistan. Everyone knows who is behind these attacks in Pakistan and where these attacks are planned and executed from, RAW want to stop CPEC project through destabilizing Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan as the captured RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav confess about. All these terrorists enter Pakistan from Afghanistan where RAW train them and send them on a mission of terrorism activity inside Pakistan and facilitate them through their agents in Punjab of Pakistan where army operation is not yet started to clean the province from terrorist’s facilitators and their financers, RAW is taking benefits from Pak-Afghan open border area which is open due to brotherly relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan but current Afghanistan Government of Ashraf Ghani is not using open border area to take benefits from Pakistan and enjoy brotherly relations with Pakistan but Ashraf Ghani let RAW to train terrorists and send them to Pakistan using this open border area to destroy Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan government need to secure Pak-Afghan border area and seal it as this Afghan government is pro India do not want peace with Pakistan, secondly should completely implement National Action Plane in every area of Pakistan especially Punjab need a complete military combing operation to root out terrorism completely from Pakistan.