Existence of Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan


Pakistan and Afghanistan are mandatory for each other and before US attack on Afghanistan there were very good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan after US attack on Afghanistan in 2001 India find a way to destroy peace of Pakistan to take benefits from destabilized Afghanistan for this purpose India start making embassies and consulate in Afghanistan to make stronghold of RAW in Afghanistan and to fight proxy war against Pakistan using Afghanistan soil.

Afghanistan import goods of ($2.2B) from Pakistan and export goods of just ($373M) to Pakistan this shows that how dependent Afghanistan is on Pakistan and all this import and export is done through Torkham and other border areas which is very economical to Afghanistan and very nearest sea port to Afghanistan is also Gwadar which make Afghanistan dependent for almost everything to Pakistan Even the people in Afghanistan who are pro India can’t deny the fact that trade route through land and sea will cross through Pakistan. People from Afghanistan just cross the border without any documents and enter Pakistan and without border management no one can differ between friends or foe coming from Afghanistan side. Afghanistan’s total population is 33 Million. Between 2010 – 2016, more than 21 Million Afghans traveled to Pakistan.

Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghanistan government always blame Pakistan publically that Pakistani-based Haqqani network and its allied militant group are involved in terrorists activities in Afghanistan but the fact is that when Pakistan tries to filter people coming from Afghanistan than Afghanistan always resists against this act from Pakistan. When Pakistan try to seal border area of Durand line through border management or place gate on crucial sites for security purpose of both countries than afghan forces starts firing on that area to restrict Pakistan from placing gate these act from Afghanistan side will not benefit any county but will facilitate terrorists working on Indian agenda to destabilize Pakistan and to keep Afghanistan destabilized so that India can achieve its goal of training and financing Terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them in Pakistan through unsecured border areas to stop CPEC project which will bring peace and prosperity not only in Pakistan but in whole region.

Afghanistan is dependent on Pakistan for almost everything and Pakistan is dependent on Afghanistan for peace as for as Afghanistan is destabilized and terrorists safe havens exists in Afghanistan Pakistan can’t be peaceful terrorists in Afghanistan is a big threat for Pakistan and peace in Afghanistan is in favor of Pakistan this is the reason Pakistan  want peace in Afghanistan but India don’t want peace which is proved through RAW activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghanistan Government and military should take mandatory steps against RAW activities in Afghanistan and should help Pakistan through intelligence sharing and border management to restrict RAW sponsored terrorists from traveling from one country to another terrorists, and only these mandatory steps can satisfy Afghanistan Government also that Pakistan is not involved in spreading terrorism in Afghanistan but it in India who want to spread terrorism in both countries.


Kashmir belongs to Pakistan not India


Kashmir is the territorial conflict between India and Pakistan since 1947 just after independence of Pakistan. Kashmir issue rises after few week of independence of Pakistan when India try to occupy Kashmir forcibly in the result Indo Pak war in 1947-48 started when India sent their troops in Kashmir while most of the population in Kashmir on the time of independence of Pakistan in 1947 favors Kashmir accession to Pakistan.

In 1947-48 war Pakistan Army and militia from Waziristan liberated the area of Azad Kashmir from Indian occupation but major part of Kashmir is still under the illegal Indian occupation is called Jammu and Kashmir.  Peace between Pakistan and India is not possible without resolving Kashmir issue, there is 750000 Indian army soldiers in Kashmir, Indian army atrocities and illegal occupation never accepted by Kashmiris in the result many liberation movements are active in Kashmir, most of which want Accession with Pakistan.

Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein because the ideology of Pakistan and Kashmir is same and very different from India and the ideology is same on the basis of which Pakistan get independence from India and that is two nation theory Kashmir is the region with 70% of Muslim population which clearly shows that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan because all the areas of subcontinent with Muslim majority was  collectively named Pakistan at the time of division in 1947 but India forcibly occupy Kashmir in 1947, Pakistan many time rises the Kashmir issue in international community and UN but still waiting for a solid and concluding reply from UN and international community

This issue should be solved now UN should intervene because both countries fought three wars because of this conflict the war of 1948, 1965 and Kargil war in 1999, UN should intervene and try to confront India to leave Kashmir and pull all of its forces from Kashmir otherwise the countries will remain on the edge of the war.

Indian occupation and human rights abuses in the region


India is a world second populated country in the world and there are many religions followed in India, Few of them are Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism etc. After 1947 when division of India takes place and Pakistan came into existence there were many other states in India which do not want to be part India or want to become a part of Pakistan which includes Kashmir, Hyderabad etc. but Indian army occupy all these places and till the they are efforting for their independence and thousands of them are killed by Indian army to suppress their voice of independence and violated human rights in those areas and those areas where Muslims and Sikhs are in majority like Gujrat, Kashmir and Ludhiana district.

In 1940 When the Muslim League demanded a separate country for Muslims via the Lahore Resolution, a section of Sikh leaders also loud their voice for a separate country called Khalistan but after 1947 Sikh were ignored and Sikh majority region Ludhiana were also occupied by India, After Indian occupation Sikh leaders started a movement for Khalistan in Indian against government of India when come into power in 80s but India government wanted to crush this movement and in 1984 genocide of Sikhs started by Hindus of India backed by congress in which thousands of Sikhs were killed and put into jails but they can’t suppress the voice of Sikh community and the movement of Khalistan gains more power. Kashmir was a Muslim majority (77% Muslims) region, but its ruler Hari Singh, was Hindu It was expected that Kashmir will become part of Pakistan, but the Hindu ruler Hari Singh do conspiracy against Pakistan and create a situation of insurgency in Kashmir to call the Indian army for help and he did the same to isolate Kashmir from Pakistan and till then the Indian army occupied that Muslim majority region called Kashmir and committed record human rights violation by killing and abducting thousands of Kashmiris and raped thousands of Muslim women, but United Nation is still silent over the atrocities committed by the Indian army in Kashmir. Muslim majority region Hyderabad which was being ruled by a Muslim ruler Nizam at the time of partition decided to remain independent and refused to join India in 1947 but in September 1948 India decide to occupy Hyderabad and capture it through its army killing thousands of innocent civilian and raped many Muslim women in operation Polo. Hyderabad never accepted the Indian occupation and want to become independent, but their movement was crushed by the Hindu army of India to suppress their basic rights.

Hindu of India taking advantage of their majority in the region and never hesitate to kill minorities in their own country and largely occupied regions, Extremist Hindu government in India promoting the act of genocide of Muslims and Sikh in India and Kashmir, which should be stopped by the United Nations to protect innocent lives and human rights abuses committed by the Indian army. United Nations should enforce India to pull out their army from Kashmir, Hyderabad and many other occupied regions like Junagadh and Ludhiana district of Muslim and Sikh majority want to be independence or part of Pakistan which is their basic right.


Kashmir And Balochistan: Not comparable



The area of Kashmir Occupied by Indian army is called Jammu and Kashmir and is the Muslim majority region, which is forcefully occupied by Indian army since 1947. After the Indo-Pak war 1947-48 on Kashmir issue India for the first time itself took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations and since then Kashmiri people are struggling for freedom and Indian army forcefully suppresses their voice of freedom. On the other side Balochistan is the part of Pakistan with Muslim majority people of Balochistan sacrificed for the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and willingly joined Pakistan.

There is more than 700000 Indian army personals in Jammu and Kashmir for committing atrocities over the innocent people of Kashmir. To stop Indian army brutalities on innocent Kashmiris and to get freedom from India many arm uprisings by freedom fighters is observed in Kashmir. India decided to divert world’s focus from Indian army brutalities in Kashmir by creating insurgency in some backward areas of Balochistan by helping them financially and providing arms to them to destroy the peace of Balochistan. India starts a regular proxy war against Pakistan through facilitating terrorism activities and sponsoring terrorists in peaceful Balochistan. India says Kashmir is an integral part of India, but in reality IOK is a disputed between Pakistan and India while Balochistan is and was not disputed. There are 32 insurgencies like Balochistan in India and Pakistan didn’t ever given a reference of these insurgencies in India, the insurgency is an internal issue of any country other countries can’t intervene. Kashmir is a Muslim majority area and should be part of Pakistan not India as the distribution of areas between Pakistan and India was based on Majority of Muslims and Hindu at the time of independence of Pakistan so Kashmir is occupied by India on the other side Balochistan in not occupied but a province of Pakistan, people of Balochistan are National assembly members, army officers and in every government institution of Pakistan but 80 percent of Kashmiris can’t be a part of Indian army because they are Muslims. Kashmiries are fighting for freedom against Indian army but few Indian sponsored terrorists in Balochistan are not fighting for freedom they are spreading terrorism in Balochistan killing innocent people of Balochistan and committing crimes like abducting for ransom etc. There in no human right violation committed by Pakistan army is Balochistan, but for peace and prosperity of Balochistan, Pakistan army is capturing Indian sponsored terrorists and RAW agents like Kalbhushan from Balochistan and convicting then through trials in courts not like Kashmir as Indian army is using pallet guns against the people of Kashmir blinding them and killing them without any reason, thousands of Kashmiries are in Indian jails without any court trial or any evidence against them.

The ground reality of Balochistan and Kashmir is much more different and can’t be compared in any way, India only through their more space in worlds media getting wrong benefit from it and projecting wrong perception about Balochistan in the world to divert attention from Kashmir, which is a disputed region between Pakistan and India and can only be solved by giving Kashmiris their basic right of self determination.

Punjab operation against RAW conspiracies


We are aware of the fact that after 9/11 America attack Afghanistan and Afghanistan become destabilized,  India find Afghanistan as a country where they can train terrorists to fight proxy war against Pakistan which results in the increasing terrorism activities inside Pakistan from past 15 years. Terrorists were being funded through some religious extremists and some corrupt politicians and RAW agent inside Pakistan by India and targeted every city of Pakistan, but after Zarb-e-azb most of the terrorists are crushed by Pakistan army in FATA, Rangers Operation in Karachi and FC Baluchistan is operation against BLA, BLF and BRA etc. in Baluchistan. These Operation by Pakistan army were appreciated by general public in Pakistan and become famous in eliminating terrorism worldwide. TTP crushed in FATA, Most of the crimes in Karachi goes down to minimum and FC is conducting continuous successful Operation in Baluchistan expectedly people of Baluchistan will see complete peace in Baluchistan soon. On 27 March 2016 at least 74 people were killed and 141 injured, many of them were children, when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded park in Lahore. After the blast Pakistan army decided to start military joint operation with police and rangers in Punjab based on intelligence reports and information provided by captured RAW agents identifying terrorist existence in Punjab.

Punjab become the hub of corruption and most of the religious and political leaders and intelligence base information confirms the existence of terrorists elements in Punjab on the basis of which Pakistan army started operation in Punjab also. Punjab operation was much awaited operation by the residents of Punjab as military Operation in this region of Pakistan was never expected before and terrorists were about to start working on their agenda of spreading terrorism in Pakistan from the remote areas of Punjab. Pakistan Rangers Punjab and Punjab police jointly started Zarb-e-Aahan operation in southern Punjab in district Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan against criminal gangs, dacoits, looters and kidnappers which are more likely to have connection with terrorists groups or potentially helpful for terrorist in terrorism activities. The existence of RAW agents in Punjab was not a secret after RAW agent Muhammad Ilyas arrested from Lahore in august 2015, was officer in Punjab police another woman RAW agent Rizwana Waseem were arrested by intelligence based operation in Lahore on 16 November 2015 was gathering information of sensitive military areas in Punjab. After the confession of Kul Bushan Yadav for working as a RAW agent security agencies arrested four more agents from different areas of Pakistan two of which was arrested from Punjab, Kulbhashan also reveal the RAW strategy to expand their network to southern areas of Punjab compels Pakistan army to conduct military operation against high profile members of banned outfits and RAW spy in Punjab. In operation Zarb-e-ahan 70 percent of the area of southern Punjab including areas of Rahim Yar Khan and Rajanpur are cleared by LEAs. More than 160 dacoits and miscreants backed by terror outfits and anti-state elements have been arrested in Kacha Jamal area of Rajanpur on the information given by a RAW agent arrested 17 days ago from Baluchistan and operation is continue in Rajanpur against Chotu gang it is expected that gunship helicopters will be used against Choutu gang to clear that area if needed. Currently police is conducting that operation with the help of weapons provided them by Pakistan army and rangers, If needed Punjab rangers and Pakistan army will replace police in clearing the area.

The main goal of Zarb-e-ahan operation in Punjab is not targeting any specific group or party but operation is against that elements promoting, funding or backing terrorism activities inside Pakistan and cleaning areas where terrorists can find some hideouts to plane terrorism activities. This operation is to stop RAW from spreading their agent in Punjab as the captured RAW agents reveal the future planes of RAW in Punjab. This operation will lead towards the end of RAW involvement in Pakistan and help showing real face of India and RAW in front of the whole world and will also give confidence to nation so that Pakistan army left no stone unturned in pursuing the elimination of terrorists from Pakistan.

Benefits of Karachi Operation and its future


Rangers were first deployed in Karachi in 1992 by the Government to conduct Cleanup Operation on the basis of intelligence based reports which alarmed the threat of “Jinnahpur plan” planned by MQM nonsocial elements to break away Karachi city from Pakistan. In September 2013 Ranger operation had launched again after evolving consensus among all political parties on 5 September 2013 by the Government of Pakistan started again with special powers of equipping Rangers with the power of prosecution and investigation along with the help of police and other LEAs against the increasing target killing, terrorism, Kidnapping and extortion cases and on the basis of some strongly believed evidences of RAW agent existence in the Karachi city.

Karachi Operation is completely apolitical business community were also the victim on Karachi unrest since mid-80, businessman and people of Karachi are completely satisfied now with the operation and they want it to be continue till complete peace in Karachi. Karachi with 20million population produces 65% of total income of the country. The process of restoring peace in Karachi was not easy but rangers achieved many goals for this purpose by indicating and arresting the elements behind the unrest of Karachi, killed and arrested many target killers and terrorists in Karachi reducing overall crimes to 40% within the time limit of two years of special powers of rangers later on extension were granted to rangers after seeing rangers performance and significant reduce in crimes and terrorists activities in Karachi operation. Capture of the RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav from Baluchistan is the latest evidence that Indian spy agency RAW is actively trying to destabilize Pakistan

Karachi Operation Improving Law and order situation in Karachi. Peace restored once again in Karachi by ranger operation and the city is back to its normal activities in the start of 2016 it was once again the “city of lights”. Huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered from Karachi help DE weaponing the city. Rangers played a crucial role in maintaining peace and curbed law offenders without any discrimination and consideration of political affiliation. Business community in particular and masses in general took sight of relief and lauded the role of rangers in Sindh.

If rangers keep performing like past one and half years in Karachi than this city will become most attractive city of Asia for businessman and it will become a role model for whole world that how to clear such a big city of 20 million population from terrorists like Zarbeazb is become a role model for whole world. All credit goes to Pakistan rangers for bringing peace in Karachi and defeating terrorism for the sake of bright future of Karachi.

Peace and Stability in Afghanistan




Afghanistan is the neighboring country of Pakistan since the independence of Pakistan, Both countries have the longest border with each other than any other neighbor which is 2640 Km long which show how important are both countries for each other to have good relation. Pakistan reside 1.7 million of the Afghanistan refugees take asylum in Afghanistan when US started war against Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s relationship was always good with Afghanistan before the 9/11 incident because new afghan Govt were unable to keep control on most of the parts of Afghanistan and India started using Afghanistan soil to train Tehreek Taliban Pakistan terrorists against Pakistan to fight proxy war against Pakistan and to weaken Pak-Afghan relationships.

After when US army were deployed in Afghanistan many other countries also tried to make their hold on new Afghan Govt. India make many consulate in Afghanistan especially since that and started training Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) insurgents on Afghanistan soil to fight proxy war against Pakistan getting benefits from the de stability of Afghanistan which is a war zone.

Pakistan launched Zarb-e-azb operation against these terrorists on 15 June 2014 and eliminated all terrorists in just one and half year which not only benefit Pakistan but also benefit Afghanistan, Pakistan always helped Afghanistan to bring peace in their country by intelligence sharing of terrorist’s activities on Pak-Afghan border and expected threat to Afghanistan. Pakistan making efforts to bring all regional countries and Taliban on the table to stop war inside Afghanistan which can ensure the regional peace Pakistan has quite influence on Afghan Taliban to make it possible to bring Taliban on the table for peace in Afghanistan it was not possible without Pakistan’s help.

Pakistan is fully committed to bring peace in Afghanistan and its Govt should take benefits from Pakistan and to coordinate with Pakistan which is important for Peace and stability in Afghanistan.

It will be possible to bring Afghan Taliban and Afghan Govt on one page for peace because Pakistan want peace in Afghanistan and if peace prevailed in Afghanistan than all proxy wars and terrorists training on Afghanistan soil will be stopped which will surely bring peace and prosperity in the region and whole region will enjoy it not only Afghanistan and Pakistan.