MI and ISI representative in Panama leak case JIT


Panamagate is a scandal of acquiring secret offshore companies of billionaires who kept their offshore properties  undeclared. Due to leaked documents from Mossack Fonceka a Panama based law firm specializing in offshore services.

The Supreme Court has asked the JIT to investigate the money trail issued by the Prime Minister. The team would include officials from the NAB, FIA, ISI, MI and the State Bank of Pakistan.By including representatives from MI and ISI this case will be concluded more transparently as the army have its own system of transparency and discipline and they are trained practicing these rules for their whole life in army to keep personal things and family away from your professional life they give more importance to their professional life because they spent most of their time as professional life. Pakistan army never hurts nation. MI and ISI representative in Panama leak case JIT will do their job professionally and will conclude it to the best favor of the nation.

It is a positive sign of including MI and ISI representative to investigate such a big case in the history of Pakistan it will give other institution inquiring Panama leaks case investigation a confidence to give a pressure less and correct report of investigation because the fair verdict of this case is not a sign of loss or win for any particular party or group but it will be an ethical win of Pakistani nation.


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