Pakistan Day reminds us Two Nation Theory


Pakistan Day is a public holiday in Pakistan and this day is celebrated in the remembrance of Lahore Resolution every year on March 23rd. This day reminds us the significance of freedom and unity.  Main event on this day is military parade, Pakistan army represent their defense capabilities in front of the nation is called 23rd march parade. Like independence day on Pakistan day, every Pakistani becomes united under one flag of Pakistan.

Pakistan was created on the bases of Two Nation Theory. There are two nations in the subcontinent one is Muslim and other is Hindu and both are completely different in every aspect, Hindu warship cow but Muslim slaughter the cow. All Muslim majority regions were collectively named as Pakistan, but India forcibly occupied some Muslim majority areas at the time of separation like Kashmir and Hyderabad, today Muslims of India and Kashmir facing same problems from the Hindu extremist groups in India. India always wants to damage the image of Pakistan in front of the world. Indian intelligence agency RAW is actively involved in spreading terrorism in Pakistan and funding terrorists from last 15 years, but now the Pakistan army succeeded to eliminate these Indian proxies from Pakistan through Zarbeazb military offensive another operation was launched against Fasaadis to eliminate terrorist’s remnants and to expose their anti Islam Ideology, this operation was named as operation Radd-UL-Fasaad. Every Pakistani is a soldier of this operation because every Pakistani can put positive efforts to make this operation most successful through intelligence sharing on these Fasaadis and terrorists with law enforcement agencies.

Two Nation theory reminds us that We as a Nation have two relations with each other, first we are Pakistani and second we are Muslims, we should not forget our base and should remain united to defend Pakistan not only Pakistan army but we all are responsible to make Pakistan safe and strong to empower our national strength.  After 69 years of independence, we celebrate independence day and Pakistan day with the same spirit in fact, we are now stronger as a nation with one of the best army on our borders defending Pakistan day and night.



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