Pakistan day parade restored our national dignity


Pakistan Day is a national day of Pakistan celebrated on 23rd March. Pakistan come into existence on the basis of two nation theory, A day of high importance for Pakistani nation as the first Ideological foundation stone of Pakistan was placed on 23rd March 1940 known as Lahore Resolution. Some of the anti Pakistan elements opposing this ideology from the day one after Pakistan comes into existence in 1947, They want to sabotage this day celebration, but the Pakistan Army after many sacrifices in the leadership of Gen Raheel Sharif resume Pakistan day parade again after 7 years on 23rd March 2015.

Enemies of Pakistan were trying to Isolate Pakistan by sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, but they failed badly as on this 23rd March not only Pakistan army troops will participate in Pakistan day parade, but Chinese Army Troops and Turkish Military Bands will also participate in the Parade, which is the best reply to the prime minister of India Narindra Modi. Who clearly admitted that they are sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and will continue sponsoring if Pakistan didn’t stop to help Kashmiris by Pakistan, he also threatened to isolate Pakistan in the world, but all his claims proved false, all his efforts to isolate Pakistan go in vain. After PSL Final in Lahore this is the second event in the same month proved that Pakistani nation is united and terrorism is defeated by Nation, Pakistan is a safe place for international players, tourists and officials and is most suitable country for investment.

Pakistan army combined parade with the world’s most influential armies will project a positive image of Pakistan in the world and will give a message to the enemies of Pakistan that no one can isolate Pakistan in the world because we are the most resilient nation and Pakistan is the fastest growing economy in the world, regional peace and prosperity is dependent on Pakistan. 23rd March parade restored our national dignity and now we are more united and stronger than we were before.



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