No NAP without military courts

Military courts


Military courts were established in January 2015 through constitutional amendment for the period of 2 years after starting Zarb-e-azb operation, to convict captured hardcore terrorists involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, where normal courts were not able to convict terrorists because terrorists were threatening and using other tactics to influence normal courts.

Military courts are necessary in Pakistan to convict every captured terrorist because normal courts can’t do this. We have seen an abrupt decrease in terrorist activities in Pakistan after the establishment of military courts in January 2015. We have seen peace and prosperity as fruits of establishing military courts in Pakistan. We can’t imagine the implementation of National action plan without the functionality of military courts, infect no cause remains behind for implementation of other points by skipping functionality of Military courts. PPP leadership didn’t oppose the establishment of military courts directly, but indirectly they want to put so many restrictions through the 9 recommendations by PPP on military courts, These 9 recommendations are to put more nonmilitary influence on military courts. These recommendations will make military courts non effective and the real cause to establish military courts will be banished. We need unity at this crucial time when we as a nation have defeated major part of terrorism from the country. All political parties should get unite to implement every point of the national action plan which include functionality of military courts to subject hardcore terrorists to justice, These courts have the power to refrain extremists from facilitating terrorists and compel terrorists to think 100 times before involving in any terrorist activity in Pakistan.

Pakistan defeated major part of terrorism, but not completely because some parts of NAP are still not functional, Military is doing its part by securing Pak-Afghan border and by conducting military operations like Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-UL-Fasaad but some of the parts which concerns government is not functional, Government of Pakistan need to take timely actions against captured terrorists without any delay by extending military courts tenure till complete peace and by giving more operational powers to military in every part of the country to get rid of terrorism.


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