Operation Radd UL Fasaad


The recent Wave of Terrorist Attacks in different parts of Pakistan is a reaction by the enemies of Pakistan to destroy peace in Pakistan to achieve particular targets their first target is making the fearful environment in Punjab for cricket players to stop them from playing PSL final in Lahore the other target is to stop investors to invest inside Pakistan and on CPEC project which will bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan and will make Pakistan the most important country of the region. Many evidences of Indian involvement using Afghanistan soil found in these terrorist attacks.

Following the foot prints of these attackers, Pakistan army targeted terrorist’s safe heavens 43km inside Afghanistan premises, Pakistan army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has taken necessary steps To nutralise affacts of reacent wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan and to stop terrorist activities inside Pakistan which includes Pak-Afghan border managment to stop terrorists movement from Afghanistan towards Pakistan and Launched an operation Radd UL Fasaad to hunt the remnants of terrorists and their facilitators all over Pakistan. Like other military operations, started by Pakistan army Radd UL Fasaad is launched to eliminate all those factors which facilitate terrorists inside Pakistan, This operation is unique from other military operations launched in Pakistan because not only terrorists will be targeted in this operation, but their facilitators and financiers will also be targeted and It is the first military operation which will cover the Punjab province too.

Radd UL Fassad is nationwide operation and for the first time Punjab rangers will take part in this operation by conducting combing operations in Punjab. The Intelligence agencies will also do their part in this operation by identifying the terrorist facilitators and existence of RAW agents inside Punjab. It is believed that Punjab is a source of facilitators and financiers for terrorists and This operation will lead the ongoing operations in Karachi, North Waziristan and Balochistan to their logical ends. These terrorists using the name of Islam and targeting innocent people, they already kill 70000 Pakistanis in the name of jihad and Islam, which is opposite to the concept of Jihad in Islam .. they do Fassad on the name of Jihad and follow the intrests of india and other enimies of Pakistan and Islam, their terrorists activities results in defamming Islam and Pakistan. These terrorists are fighting Proxy war imposed by India on Pakistan to stop CPEC project in Pakistan, which is already admitted by capture RAW agent Kalbhushan Yadev.

Every Pakistani is a soldier of Radd UL Fasaad operation and every person should do their part of identifying suspected elements and by informing security forces. The Nation should become united to make Pakistan peaceful and prosperous.


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