Border management and Punjab operation


Pakistan army after APS attack on 16 December 2016 eliminated terrorism almost completely from FATA but 2640 km borderline area of Durand line is open from where terrorist come into Pakistan and do terrorism activities in Pakistan which is a serious problem for Pakistan as Pakistan eliminated terrorism completely but Afghanistan Government do not eliminated terrorism from their soil which is directly affecting Pakistan.

The latest Wave of Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan taken hundreds of lives and is an attempt to destabilize Pakistan and to detract fastest growing economy of Pakistan. Everyone knows who is behind these attacks in Pakistan and where these attacks are planned and executed from, RAW want to stop CPEC project through destabilizing Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan as the captured RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav confess about. All these terrorists enter Pakistan from Afghanistan where RAW train them and send them on a mission of terrorism activity inside Pakistan and facilitate them through their agents in Punjab of Pakistan where army operation is not yet started to clean the province from terrorist’s facilitators and their financers, RAW is taking benefits from Pak-Afghan open border area which is open due to brotherly relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan but current Afghanistan Government of Ashraf Ghani is not using open border area to take benefits from Pakistan and enjoy brotherly relations with Pakistan but Ashraf Ghani let RAW to train terrorists and send them to Pakistan using this open border area to destroy Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan government need to secure Pak-Afghan border area and seal it as this Afghan government is pro India do not want peace with Pakistan, secondly should completely implement National Action Plane in every area of Pakistan especially Punjab need a complete military combing operation to root out terrorism completely from Pakistan.


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