Existence of Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan


Pakistan and Afghanistan are mandatory for each other and before US attack on Afghanistan there were very good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan after US attack on Afghanistan in 2001 India find a way to destroy peace of Pakistan to take benefits from destabilized Afghanistan for this purpose India start making embassies and consulate in Afghanistan to make stronghold of RAW in Afghanistan and to fight proxy war against Pakistan using Afghanistan soil.

Afghanistan import goods of ($2.2B) from Pakistan and export goods of just ($373M) to Pakistan this shows that how dependent Afghanistan is on Pakistan and all this import and export is done through Torkham and other border areas which is very economical to Afghanistan and very nearest sea port to Afghanistan is also Gwadar which make Afghanistan dependent for almost everything to Pakistan Even the people in Afghanistan who are pro India can’t deny the fact that trade route through land and sea will cross through Pakistan. People from Afghanistan just cross the border without any documents and enter Pakistan and without border management no one can differ between friends or foe coming from Afghanistan side. Afghanistan’s total population is 33 Million. Between 2010 – 2016, more than 21 Million Afghans traveled to Pakistan.

Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghanistan government always blame Pakistan publically that Pakistani-based Haqqani network and its allied militant group are involved in terrorists activities in Afghanistan but the fact is that when Pakistan tries to filter people coming from Afghanistan than Afghanistan always resists against this act from Pakistan. When Pakistan try to seal border area of Durand line through border management or place gate on crucial sites for security purpose of both countries than afghan forces starts firing on that area to restrict Pakistan from placing gate these act from Afghanistan side will not benefit any county but will facilitate terrorists working on Indian agenda to destabilize Pakistan and to keep Afghanistan destabilized so that India can achieve its goal of training and financing Terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them in Pakistan through unsecured border areas to stop CPEC project which will bring peace and prosperity not only in Pakistan but in whole region.

Afghanistan is dependent on Pakistan for almost everything and Pakistan is dependent on Afghanistan for peace as for as Afghanistan is destabilized and terrorists safe havens exists in Afghanistan Pakistan can’t be peaceful terrorists in Afghanistan is a big threat for Pakistan and peace in Afghanistan is in favor of Pakistan this is the reason Pakistan  want peace in Afghanistan but India don’t want peace which is proved through RAW activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghanistan Government and military should take mandatory steps against RAW activities in Afghanistan and should help Pakistan through intelligence sharing and border management to restrict RAW sponsored terrorists from traveling from one country to another terrorists, and only these mandatory steps can satisfy Afghanistan Government also that Pakistan is not involved in spreading terrorism in Afghanistan but it in India who want to spread terrorism in both countries.


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