Border management and Punjab operation


Pakistan army after APS attack on 16 December 2016 eliminated terrorism almost completely from FATA but 2640 km borderline area of Durand line is open from where terrorist come into Pakistan and do terrorism activities in Pakistan which is a serious problem for Pakistan as Pakistan eliminated terrorism completely but Afghanistan Government do not eliminated terrorism from their soil which is directly affecting Pakistan.

The latest Wave of Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan taken hundreds of lives and is an attempt to destabilize Pakistan and to detract fastest growing economy of Pakistan. Everyone knows who is behind these attacks in Pakistan and where these attacks are planned and executed from, RAW want to stop CPEC project through destabilizing Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan as the captured RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav confess about. All these terrorists enter Pakistan from Afghanistan where RAW train them and send them on a mission of terrorism activity inside Pakistan and facilitate them through their agents in Punjab of Pakistan where army operation is not yet started to clean the province from terrorist’s facilitators and their financers, RAW is taking benefits from Pak-Afghan open border area which is open due to brotherly relations of Pakistan and Afghanistan but current Afghanistan Government of Ashraf Ghani is not using open border area to take benefits from Pakistan and enjoy brotherly relations with Pakistan but Ashraf Ghani let RAW to train terrorists and send them to Pakistan using this open border area to destroy Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan government need to secure Pak-Afghan border area and seal it as this Afghan government is pro India do not want peace with Pakistan, secondly should completely implement National Action Plane in every area of Pakistan especially Punjab need a complete military combing operation to root out terrorism completely from Pakistan.


Existence of Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan


Pakistan and Afghanistan are mandatory for each other and before US attack on Afghanistan there were very good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan after US attack on Afghanistan in 2001 India find a way to destroy peace of Pakistan to take benefits from destabilized Afghanistan for this purpose India start making embassies and consulate in Afghanistan to make stronghold of RAW in Afghanistan and to fight proxy war against Pakistan using Afghanistan soil.

Afghanistan import goods of ($2.2B) from Pakistan and export goods of just ($373M) to Pakistan this shows that how dependent Afghanistan is on Pakistan and all this import and export is done through Torkham and other border areas which is very economical to Afghanistan and very nearest sea port to Afghanistan is also Gwadar which make Afghanistan dependent for almost everything to Pakistan Even the people in Afghanistan who are pro India can’t deny the fact that trade route through land and sea will cross through Pakistan. People from Afghanistan just cross the border without any documents and enter Pakistan and without border management no one can differ between friends or foe coming from Afghanistan side. Afghanistan’s total population is 33 Million. Between 2010 – 2016, more than 21 Million Afghans traveled to Pakistan.

Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghanistan government always blame Pakistan publically that Pakistani-based Haqqani network and its allied militant group are involved in terrorists activities in Afghanistan but the fact is that when Pakistan tries to filter people coming from Afghanistan than Afghanistan always resists against this act from Pakistan. When Pakistan try to seal border area of Durand line through border management or place gate on crucial sites for security purpose of both countries than afghan forces starts firing on that area to restrict Pakistan from placing gate these act from Afghanistan side will not benefit any county but will facilitate terrorists working on Indian agenda to destabilize Pakistan and to keep Afghanistan destabilized so that India can achieve its goal of training and financing Terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them in Pakistan through unsecured border areas to stop CPEC project which will bring peace and prosperity not only in Pakistan but in whole region.

Afghanistan is dependent on Pakistan for almost everything and Pakistan is dependent on Afghanistan for peace as for as Afghanistan is destabilized and terrorists safe havens exists in Afghanistan Pakistan can’t be peaceful terrorists in Afghanistan is a big threat for Pakistan and peace in Afghanistan is in favor of Pakistan this is the reason Pakistan  want peace in Afghanistan but India don’t want peace which is proved through RAW activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghanistan Government and military should take mandatory steps against RAW activities in Afghanistan and should help Pakistan through intelligence sharing and border management to restrict RAW sponsored terrorists from traveling from one country to another terrorists, and only these mandatory steps can satisfy Afghanistan Government also that Pakistan is not involved in spreading terrorism in Afghanistan but it in India who want to spread terrorism in both countries.

Kashmir belongs to Pakistan not India


Kashmir is the territorial conflict between India and Pakistan since 1947 just after independence of Pakistan. Kashmir issue rises after few week of independence of Pakistan when India try to occupy Kashmir forcibly in the result Indo Pak war in 1947-48 started when India sent their troops in Kashmir while most of the population in Kashmir on the time of independence of Pakistan in 1947 favors Kashmir accession to Pakistan.

In 1947-48 war Pakistan Army and militia from Waziristan liberated the area of Azad Kashmir from Indian occupation but major part of Kashmir is still under the illegal Indian occupation is called Jammu and Kashmir.  Peace between Pakistan and India is not possible without resolving Kashmir issue, there is 750000 Indian army soldiers in Kashmir, Indian army atrocities and illegal occupation never accepted by Kashmiris in the result many liberation movements are active in Kashmir, most of which want Accession with Pakistan.

Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein because the ideology of Pakistan and Kashmir is same and very different from India and the ideology is same on the basis of which Pakistan get independence from India and that is two nation theory Kashmir is the region with 70% of Muslim population which clearly shows that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan because all the areas of subcontinent with Muslim majority was  collectively named Pakistan at the time of division in 1947 but India forcibly occupy Kashmir in 1947, Pakistan many time rises the Kashmir issue in international community and UN but still waiting for a solid and concluding reply from UN and international community

This issue should be solved now UN should intervene because both countries fought three wars because of this conflict the war of 1948, 1965 and Kargil war in 1999, UN should intervene and try to confront India to leave Kashmir and pull all of its forces from Kashmir otherwise the countries will remain on the edge of the war.