Indian occupation and human rights abuses in the region


India is a world second populated country in the world and there are many religions followed in India, Few of them are Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism etc. After 1947 when division of India takes place and Pakistan came into existence there were many other states in India which do not want to be part India or want to become a part of Pakistan which includes Kashmir, Hyderabad etc. but Indian army occupy all these places and till the they are efforting for their independence and thousands of them are killed by Indian army to suppress their voice of independence and violated human rights in those areas and those areas where Muslims and Sikhs are in majority like Gujrat, Kashmir and Ludhiana district.

In 1940 When the Muslim League demanded a separate country for Muslims via the Lahore Resolution, a section of Sikh leaders also loud their voice for a separate country called Khalistan but after 1947 Sikh were ignored and Sikh majority region Ludhiana were also occupied by India, After Indian occupation Sikh leaders started a movement for Khalistan in Indian against government of India when come into power in 80s but India government wanted to crush this movement and in 1984 genocide of Sikhs started by Hindus of India backed by congress in which thousands of Sikhs were killed and put into jails but they can’t suppress the voice of Sikh community and the movement of Khalistan gains more power. Kashmir was a Muslim majority (77% Muslims) region, but its ruler Hari Singh, was Hindu It was expected that Kashmir will become part of Pakistan, but the Hindu ruler Hari Singh do conspiracy against Pakistan and create a situation of insurgency in Kashmir to call the Indian army for help and he did the same to isolate Kashmir from Pakistan and till then the Indian army occupied that Muslim majority region called Kashmir and committed record human rights violation by killing and abducting thousands of Kashmiris and raped thousands of Muslim women, but United Nation is still silent over the atrocities committed by the Indian army in Kashmir. Muslim majority region Hyderabad which was being ruled by a Muslim ruler Nizam at the time of partition decided to remain independent and refused to join India in 1947 but in September 1948 India decide to occupy Hyderabad and capture it through its army killing thousands of innocent civilian and raped many Muslim women in operation Polo. Hyderabad never accepted the Indian occupation and want to become independent, but their movement was crushed by the Hindu army of India to suppress their basic rights.

Hindu of India taking advantage of their majority in the region and never hesitate to kill minorities in their own country and largely occupied regions, Extremist Hindu government in India promoting the act of genocide of Muslims and Sikh in India and Kashmir, which should be stopped by the United Nations to protect innocent lives and human rights abuses committed by the Indian army. United Nations should enforce India to pull out their army from Kashmir, Hyderabad and many other occupied regions like Junagadh and Ludhiana district of Muslim and Sikh majority want to be independence or part of Pakistan which is their basic right.



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