Punjab operation against RAW conspiracies


We are aware of the fact that after 9/11 America attack Afghanistan and Afghanistan become destabilized,  India find Afghanistan as a country where they can train terrorists to fight proxy war against Pakistan which results in the increasing terrorism activities inside Pakistan from past 15 years. Terrorists were being funded through some religious extremists and some corrupt politicians and RAW agent inside Pakistan by India and targeted every city of Pakistan, but after Zarb-e-azb most of the terrorists are crushed by Pakistan army in FATA, Rangers Operation in Karachi and FC Baluchistan is operation against BLA, BLF and BRA etc. in Baluchistan. These Operation by Pakistan army were appreciated by general public in Pakistan and become famous in eliminating terrorism worldwide. TTP crushed in FATA, Most of the crimes in Karachi goes down to minimum and FC is conducting continuous successful Operation in Baluchistan expectedly people of Baluchistan will see complete peace in Baluchistan soon. On 27 March 2016 at least 74 people were killed and 141 injured, many of them were children, when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded park in Lahore. After the blast Pakistan army decided to start military joint operation with police and rangers in Punjab based on intelligence reports and information provided by captured RAW agents identifying terrorist existence in Punjab.

Punjab become the hub of corruption and most of the religious and political leaders and intelligence base information confirms the existence of terrorists elements in Punjab on the basis of which Pakistan army started operation in Punjab also. Punjab operation was much awaited operation by the residents of Punjab as military Operation in this region of Pakistan was never expected before and terrorists were about to start working on their agenda of spreading terrorism in Pakistan from the remote areas of Punjab. Pakistan Rangers Punjab and Punjab police jointly started Zarb-e-Aahan operation in southern Punjab in district Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan against criminal gangs, dacoits, looters and kidnappers which are more likely to have connection with terrorists groups or potentially helpful for terrorist in terrorism activities. The existence of RAW agents in Punjab was not a secret after RAW agent Muhammad Ilyas arrested from Lahore in august 2015, was officer in Punjab police another woman RAW agent Rizwana Waseem were arrested by intelligence based operation in Lahore on 16 November 2015 was gathering information of sensitive military areas in Punjab. After the confession of Kul Bushan Yadav for working as a RAW agent security agencies arrested four more agents from different areas of Pakistan two of which was arrested from Punjab, Kulbhashan also reveal the RAW strategy to expand their network to southern areas of Punjab compels Pakistan army to conduct military operation against high profile members of banned outfits and RAW spy in Punjab. In operation Zarb-e-ahan 70 percent of the area of southern Punjab including areas of Rahim Yar Khan and Rajanpur are cleared by LEAs. More than 160 dacoits and miscreants backed by terror outfits and anti-state elements have been arrested in Kacha Jamal area of Rajanpur on the information given by a RAW agent arrested 17 days ago from Baluchistan and operation is continue in Rajanpur against Chotu gang it is expected that gunship helicopters will be used against Choutu gang to clear that area if needed. Currently police is conducting that operation with the help of weapons provided them by Pakistan army and rangers, If needed Punjab rangers and Pakistan army will replace police in clearing the area.

The main goal of Zarb-e-ahan operation in Punjab is not targeting any specific group or party but operation is against that elements promoting, funding or backing terrorism activities inside Pakistan and cleaning areas where terrorists can find some hideouts to plane terrorism activities. This operation is to stop RAW from spreading their agent in Punjab as the captured RAW agents reveal the future planes of RAW in Punjab. This operation will lead towards the end of RAW involvement in Pakistan and help showing real face of India and RAW in front of the whole world and will also give confidence to nation so that Pakistan army left no stone unturned in pursuing the elimination of terrorists from Pakistan.