Benefits of Karachi Operation and its future


Rangers were first deployed in Karachi in 1992 by the Government to conduct Cleanup Operation on the basis of intelligence based reports which alarmed the threat of “Jinnahpur plan” planned by MQM nonsocial elements to break away Karachi city from Pakistan. In September 2013 Ranger operation had launched again after evolving consensus among all political parties on 5 September 2013 by the Government of Pakistan started again with special powers of equipping Rangers with the power of prosecution and investigation along with the help of police and other LEAs against the increasing target killing, terrorism, Kidnapping and extortion cases and on the basis of some strongly believed evidences of RAW agent existence in the Karachi city.

Karachi Operation is completely apolitical business community were also the victim on Karachi unrest since mid-80, businessman and people of Karachi are completely satisfied now with the operation and they want it to be continue till complete peace in Karachi. Karachi with 20million population produces 65% of total income of the country. The process of restoring peace in Karachi was not easy but rangers achieved many goals for this purpose by indicating and arresting the elements behind the unrest of Karachi, killed and arrested many target killers and terrorists in Karachi reducing overall crimes to 40% within the time limit of two years of special powers of rangers later on extension were granted to rangers after seeing rangers performance and significant reduce in crimes and terrorists activities in Karachi operation. Capture of the RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav from Baluchistan is the latest evidence that Indian spy agency RAW is actively trying to destabilize Pakistan

Karachi Operation Improving Law and order situation in Karachi. Peace restored once again in Karachi by ranger operation and the city is back to its normal activities in the start of 2016 it was once again the “city of lights”. Huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered from Karachi help DE weaponing the city. Rangers played a crucial role in maintaining peace and curbed law offenders without any discrimination and consideration of political affiliation. Business community in particular and masses in general took sight of relief and lauded the role of rangers in Sindh.

If rangers keep performing like past one and half years in Karachi than this city will become most attractive city of Asia for businessman and it will become a role model for whole world that how to clear such a big city of 20 million population from terrorists like Zarbeazb is become a role model for whole world. All credit goes to Pakistan rangers for bringing peace in Karachi and defeating terrorism for the sake of bright future of Karachi.


Peace and Stability in Afghanistan




Afghanistan is the neighboring country of Pakistan since the independence of Pakistan, Both countries have the longest border with each other than any other neighbor which is 2640 Km long which show how important are both countries for each other to have good relation. Pakistan reside 1.7 million of the Afghanistan refugees take asylum in Afghanistan when US started war against Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s relationship was always good with Afghanistan before the 9/11 incident because new afghan Govt were unable to keep control on most of the parts of Afghanistan and India started using Afghanistan soil to train Tehreek Taliban Pakistan terrorists against Pakistan to fight proxy war against Pakistan and to weaken Pak-Afghan relationships.

After when US army were deployed in Afghanistan many other countries also tried to make their hold on new Afghan Govt. India make many consulate in Afghanistan especially since that and started training Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) insurgents on Afghanistan soil to fight proxy war against Pakistan getting benefits from the de stability of Afghanistan which is a war zone.

Pakistan launched Zarb-e-azb operation against these terrorists on 15 June 2014 and eliminated all terrorists in just one and half year which not only benefit Pakistan but also benefit Afghanistan, Pakistan always helped Afghanistan to bring peace in their country by intelligence sharing of terrorist’s activities on Pak-Afghan border and expected threat to Afghanistan. Pakistan making efforts to bring all regional countries and Taliban on the table to stop war inside Afghanistan which can ensure the regional peace Pakistan has quite influence on Afghan Taliban to make it possible to bring Taliban on the table for peace in Afghanistan it was not possible without Pakistan’s help.

Pakistan is fully committed to bring peace in Afghanistan and its Govt should take benefits from Pakistan and to coordinate with Pakistan which is important for Peace and stability in Afghanistan.

It will be possible to bring Afghan Taliban and Afghan Govt on one page for peace because Pakistan want peace in Afghanistan and if peace prevailed in Afghanistan than all proxy wars and terrorists training on Afghanistan soil will be stopped which will surely bring peace and prosperity in the region and whole region will enjoy it not only Afghanistan and Pakistan.