Prosper Pakistan!!! A night mare for India

India always wants to pull Pakistan back toward atrophy, Pakistan always wants peace and prosperity in the region but India can’t see Pakistan prosper and progressing, Indian is fighting mini wars against Pakistan through their proxies , Indian is providing weapons and financial support to different terrorist groups like BLA, BLF, BRA etc. in Baluchistan to fight against state and don’t let Pakistan do any activity or progress on the soil of Baluchistan same situation is there in FATA where they are training foreigner terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them back into Pakistan to promote terrorism inside Pakistan.

Pakistan is being fighting against terrorism from many years and at last started a final blow against TTP terrorists on 15 June 2014 in FATA and in one year Pakistan achieved more successes than any other army in the region and make a way towards peace, Whole world admitted Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terror and declared SSG commandos the best commandos in the world. And world started investing in Pakistan where china want to invest 46 billion dollars in Pakistan on CPEC project which will not only Pakistan to progress but also will provide a way for progress to china also and in the same time sports teams start coming into Pakistan without any fear of security issues as Zimbabway visited Pakistan to play two T20 and three odi matches. Where many years on 3 march 2009 Sirilankan cricket team were attacked by militants , where Indian agency RAW was revealed to be involved in attack. In the same year Pakarmy continue 23rd march parade on Pakistan republic day after 7 years. India can’t see this peace and progress in Pakistan and trying to sabotage CPEC project , India can go to any extant it is observed by the statements of Indian government official that they may give nuclear weapons to terrorists and put the blame on Pakistan as they are observed many times doing this type of propaganda against Pakistan.

Pakistan army will secure CPEC rout for transport , India may try their BLF , BLF , BRA in Baluchistan but no power in the world can now stop this project as Pakistan interior minister Ch Nisar warned India that they should stay away from CPEC because only Pakistan and China are the only stock holders in this project.


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